Written by Otaku Apologist. This writeup is a promotion for a free game playable at Nutaku.net. Sinnercomics is sponsored by Hentaireviews.moe.

Imagine Advance Wars, with anime tits. AGN that developed this game, stole everything from Nintendo, and plastered pussy all over it!

This dirty-ass game is brilliantly simple to play. Click your units, and choose a square to move them. Click an enemy unit to initiate attack – rinse and repeat, until the opposing army is dead. Play with just a touchpad, or mouse!

Girls on Tanks is kinda like chess. The combat is turn-based. You move every unit before passing the turn.

Command iconic units from modern war, from tanks, to artillery, to warplanes. Each unit type is more, or less effective against another type: anti-air instantly downs warplanes, but barely scratches a heavy tank. Motorbikes devastate infantry, but helicopters they can’t touch.

Movement is affected by terrain. Tanks are unable to pass mountains, they move fewer squares in forests, while helicopters can move the maximum number of squares when passing through forests and mountains.

Before a mission, you choose a commander – based on her resume, not her boob size. You also get three officers! Each girl provides a motivation bonus to your all-male army. The officers swing the power of units so much, your playstyle is very different depending on harem composition. For example, stack enough buffs to your infantry, their machine guns will rip even through steel plate.

You’re always outnumbered, often pushed to defensive positions. Unit positioning is key to survival. Plains, and forests offer protection, while roads offer none. Cities offer the best defenses, and even recover health for your toops. You can also place units to block narrow paths, like bridges.

Playing itself is satisfying enough. You also unlock animated, voice-acted sex scenes with your officers. Fuck workplace ethics!

Briefly on the business model: Spending a dollar is optional. You can buy boosters, gacha rolls, tickets into “faction wars”. Also, each mission costs 25 energy, and you only have 60 energy. Energy replenishes 1 point per 3 minutes. If you’re playing for free, take breaks.

The enemy will arrogantly attack into choke points, run infantry into tanks, throw bombers into anti-air fire. It’s a great lesson in war strategy, as the enemy always has overwhelming numbers for you to overcome. The difficulty ramps up slowly. Winning battles in the beginning is easy peasy for players with a history with strategy games. For younger players, this shit can pose a challenge before you nail the basics. Regardless of skill level, you’re gonna have fun.

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