Written by Otaku Apologist. This writeup is a promotion for a free game playable at Nutaku.net. Sinnercomics is sponsored by Hentaireviews.moe.

Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored is a free to spend uberman simulator: You are a genetically engineered inter-dimensional marshmallow man that dates 10+ human females, work twenty jobs, has 12 hobbies, and is unrestrained by neither time nor morality.

As a dating sim, Crush Crush is piss poor. This shit is the least sexual experience you’ll have. You barely even play this stupid game: you click shitty progression bars, and call it a day. The game saves your progress while you’re offline working three jobs on minimum wage just to survive this raped up the ass economy. Crush Crush is an allegory to the impossible standards that modern men must overcome to get pussy.

I have been playing Crush Crush since its launch in 2016. When I started, I was the whitest blop of shit. I could only choose a handful of hobbies and jobs. Now, after almost two quarters of a year of playing, I can hold all the hobbies, I can allocate all my time blocks into whatever the fuck I want. Even when I slap all my time blocks (representing hours of your day) into hobbies, I still have enough left over to work ten different jobs.

You start from the bottom: fast food. When your hobbies level up, you unlock better paying jobs. You can become a professional gambler, an athlete, a lawyer, and far worse. As you unlock cancerous achievements, you get more time blocks, your power grows, you make millions in the blink of an eye.

When you get promoted in a job, the time block cost for the job goes down. You get faster, stronger, surpassing the limitations of mortal men. Jobs net you gold, and with gold you can buy dates and bribe your bitches.

You increase the affection level of the girls by punching them in the face. Your clicks net more affection points the stronger your hobbies. Eventually you just press “flirt” and make 100 million affection points a click.

The game has a special mechanic: you can reset your progress at any time. You start over, losing all your promotions, your hobbies, your affection with the girls. In return, you gain a megalomanic speed boost. You can catch up to your old progress with twice the speed. The boost is permanent, and you can repeat it.

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