Hi! I’m Sinner and I’ve been drawing hentai for a living since 2011.

I’ve always worked on these images on my own, but recently my friend and pixel artist Rog was
cleaning up my sketches and filling in the base colors, to help me make the comic pages
more quickly. Just now I’m able to do cleaner sketches, so I’m working on my own again.
I’m a very minimalistic person, as you can see for the site’s layout.
The same goes to my lifestyle in general.


EQUIPMENT ——————————————————————————

This is where the magic happens.

My setup consists of a 4K 42″ TV, bluetooth keyboard and mouse (I HATE WIRES SO FUCKING MUCH) and a Gaomon G190 tablet monitor. Nowadays I do 95% of my work in Manga Studio EX, with the occasional Photoshop for post processing.

COMMISSIONS ——————————————————————————

Commissions are closed, but when they open, the prices can go from U$130 USD to way, way above that depending on what is asked. I’m focusing most of my time on comics via Patreon, so if you want to support my artwork + get some cool rewards (specially the pinup raffles), kudos for that! 😀

HOW TO SUPPORT? ——————————————————————————

If you really like my content, the main way of supporting it is via Patreon. You get cool rewards, interact and help me brainstorm my comics!

I also sell some of my artworks as prints in SharkRobot and they can be as big as 16×20 in!

There’s Bitcoin too, which once you have them in hands, is just as easy to send my way as commenting “boobs” on my pinups haha. You’ll also be helping make the world a freer and better place by using it!

And of course, there are the ads. Please disable your adblock to help me keep this up! 😀

FOR AD SPOT INFO CONTACT: [email protected]