Written by Otaku Apologist. This game is available at Nutaku.net. Sinnercomics is sponsored by Hentaireviews.moe.


A long time ago, an advanced civilization lived in prosperity. Then, Ragnarok fucked them. You are some dude chosen by God, destined to stop the second Ragnarok. You grab your childhood friend by the pussy, and head off to save the world.

Assemble your group, you’re set to chase plot devices, kill monster girls en masse, in a happy atmosphere of goofy anime tropes!


The combat is turn-based: you choose which enemies each of your units individually attack. Your harem rocks powerful damage spells like fireballs, that quickly dispatch enemies. Your kamihimes have multiple spells, each with a different cooldown timer. The special abilities become available again after a few turns. Kill the wave of enemies, in comes the next wave, until the pile of bodies reaches for the heavens!

When farming lower level story missions, you can set the combat on auto-mode. Let your harem wreck havoc hands off. You’ll need to farm some, to keep progressing. The difficulty ramps up quick.

You choose Kamihimes in your team from the pool of girls you acquire from your adventures. You have to place them in the team, in places that fit your strategy. On the front line, Kamihimes get damaged more often, but they will attack before the back row. Some Kamihimes are less effective on certain quests. The girls are divided into different elements, and each element attacks are super effective, or less effective against enemies of certain elements. Basically; fire takes extra damage from water, water takes extra damage from thunder, etc.

Each Kamihime also has a special move called ‘burst’… oh yes.


The animation is very slick when the girls are being penetrated, or sucking cock. Their boobs shake in motion with their bodies. In true hentai fashion, the characters describe in arduous detail what they feel during sex. The girls talk, and talk, and talk some more, when not moaning. The adult characters moan, while the lolis just shriek.

To see their hentai scenes, you have to collect the girls first. Once they reach a high level, you access the anime porn. If you like gangfucking, regular fucking, old men fucking young girls, or tentacle fucking, this is your game.

You can replay the fucks in the game’s “harem” menu.


The character designs are sexy, creative, and well-defined. The 2D sprites are beautiful, you can see the endless hours that the artist team poured into them. Just as pleasant to the eyes are the combat sprites. They have slick idle, and attack animations. The girls aren’t just eye-candy, they don’t just wiggle their tight butts in sexy clothing. Outside of battles, you fuck them.

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