I’m learning a shit load with this new daily-update thing. Specially about my audience and myself.
To me, the most valuable lesson so far is to not care about reactions to drastic changes that are temporary
and part of the burden of adapting to a new work pace. Nothing I say will remedy the fact that currently things
don’t look as polished as they used to be. Daily updates is a new game and I’m starting at Level 1, so I need
time to get better.

I’m not working more hours than before. I’m increasing my productivity
in a way I’ve never imagined to be possible, and I really love this feeling.

It is also very interesting to see the result of subtraction/limits on my comics and working with fundamentals
instead of effects and fancy shading or backgrounds. I ended up relying too much on that and made
myself weak at things that are more “core”, if you know what I mean. So I’m experimenting with the
basics. What if I focus more on line-art? What if I only work with one shading layer?
What if I don’t use any textures at all?  Can I make things still look good without a super
high-contrast back-lighting? Can my color choices hold the mood on their own? What’s the
best quality I can produce with the same hours while updating the site daily?

All that will take a few months to find out, and require sacrifices.

There are two comics coming next year (January and February): Zone-tan vs. Silly Twins and The Girly Watch 5.

Both will suffer different sacrifices but will also feature some fresh things specially in the line-art
department. And of course some people will comment harsh criticism, but I’m pretty aware that will
be part of the game for some time. I’ll just keep doing my thing and push the quality up consistently.

If you understand this, you are pretty awesome and I thank you so much for
your patience and for being here. Merry Christmas and an awesome New Year! 😀