Written by Otaku Apologist. This game is available at Nutaku.net. Sinnercomics is sponsored by Hentaireviews.moe.

After killing the men of Generic Paradise Island, the female tribes descended into ideological in-fighting. You are the lone surviving alpha male, your divine mission is to restore peace under the patriarchy.


You control four bitter university-educated women stranded on an island. Here, debates on social issues are battles to the death. Gather your debate team from broke and depressed gender studies graduates, and point them towards men and women of opposing view points. Tell them they’re on the wrong side of history, and watch the bodies pile up. You’ve won the debate, when everyone who disagrees with you is a cold, rotting carcass on the ground.

Every maiden is a special snowflake equipped with intellectually dishonest rhetorical quips they mastered at university. When engaged in a debate, you spam the same talking points ad nauseam, until the rational opposition dies. You manage all this shenanigans, while swiftly juggling the girls’ positions on issues, when they’re close to losing fair and square.


You have classic RPG classes like healers, warriors, archers, warlocks, etc. Your team can consist of four units. The objective is to reach the end of the map.

Between you and the objective, are hordes of enemies. Some enemies can wipe out your entire team instantly. You can avoid the genocide by haphazardly clicking maidens to safety, assuming no browser lag (good luck with that). Dodging all enemy attacks is possible with skill. When you pick a girl up, she floats in the air, invulnerable.

You gain loot and gold from missions, which you invest into upgrades. You can replay maps to farm for certain items. The rarity of items ranges from common to legendary – color-coded same as World of Warcraft. In addition to upgrading gear, you build a town filled with temples, and other shit, that boost the powers of your girls.

Collect more girls from the “gacha” lottery. Three rolls a day are free. Wanna gamble for hotter girls? Swing mommy’s credit card for extra gacha!


The artstyle is digitally painted 2D art, and 3D visuals. The characters in the actual game are kawaii 3D chibis with smooth animations. Their sprites are luxuriously detailed breeder babes, that look incredible in paid promotions. You plaster those boobs in a banner, fappers click ’em like pussy-craven monkeys. The sex scenes are 2D, so you’ll eventually see your waifus creampied in glorious HD. Unlocking the yummy sex art is worth the effort.


The game has an epic soundtrack, though a highly limited number of songs. The all-too-chill menu song has started getting on my nerves. The hype battle music, and boss theme, still keep my interest. The privileged studio had the whiteness to hire a symphony orchestra. Give it a listen>


The art depicts spot-on body proportions, perfectly shaped melon-sized breasts, glistening wet vaginal lips, details in every flock of pubic hair. The writing describes the intricate details of vaginal penetration, along with the bodily sensations associated with raw, animalistic sex. The pussy pumping action is gloriously vanilla, no annoying voice acting distracting from the juicy read. Fluent prose is pure sex, amirite?


Crystal Maidens is the most fun browser game on Nutaku. Try it, you’ll be instantly hooked. Sign up free>