The first 6 pages of The Girly Watch 3 will be posted soon, and I won’t work on this comic again until I feel it’s the right time to do so. I made a clumsy mistake: started my most complex project/comic so far when I was the most exhausted and burned out.

I loved writing the script with the plot ideas Patrons gave me, (and although I don’t play the game, I love those characters!) but I need a break from Overwatch characters for good. Drawing 2 comics in a row, specially at the pace I was doing it, is literally making me hate my job, so after my full break from drawing as a whole, I’ll probably start working on a comic about something else in January. I’ll probably change the drawing style drastically, since the current one is also burned out and not fun to do anymore.

My schedule will need to be re-planned. I wanted to test the 6 comic page updates per week thing, but producing art at that rate, despite not requiring extra hours, ends up being extremely canned and boring to do. Art is not supposed to be canned, much less mechanical, and I know many noticed a drop in quality. I will return to drawing patiently and passionately pushing the quality up and evolving as an artist, worrying less about updating the site every single day.

Anyway, with that said, the site will keep being updated (although less frequently) until January, and new comics will resume as well, but please don’t be mad about the lack of Overwatch porn here for quite some time hahahah

Thank you all for being here and following my site and art. A naughty christmas to all of you! 😀