—————————– MY FAQ



Below are a few of Frequently Asked Questions

How old are you?
I was born in May 15th 1992. Do the maths!

Where are you from?

Do you livestream?
Yes! Follow me on Picarto: my channel

Do you take requests?
My patrons can request me pinup sketches every week! I pick a random and draw it at the start of each live stream I do!
Head over at patreon.com/sinner

For how long have you been drawing?
Since I was a kid. For money, it’s been almost 10 years (as of 2016).

Where did you start your art career?
I worked with small indie games as a remote free-lance concept artist and illustrator. I’ve worked for TV, small games and a few movie related stuff.

Will you show us your older non-porn artworks?

What other activities are you involved with other than drawing boobs?
I’m a guitar player, vocalist and songwriter. All amateur as fuck, but still fun o/

Any hobbies?
I practice Shibari (rope bondage) and exercise.

A message to the world?
Every girl should stop being afraid of being called a slut. Every dude should stop being afraid of being called gay. Everyone should stop being afraid of enjoying whatever the fuck they feel turned on by.

In a nutshell: Stick something thick up your ass thinking of those sexy futa loli ponies, you perv. I know you want to.

What software do you use? And what tablet?
Manga Studio 5 with the Gaomon G190 Tablet monitor.