Now you can enlarge pinups by clicking on them!
Give it a try! 😀

Also, the “Latest Page” in the sidebar will no longer
have its thumbnail updated with every new page. That detail took a lot of time
to keep up. Time I could be spending drawing you some hentai comics.

When you click the new
Current Comic thumbnail, you’ll be linked to the first
page of the current comic. You can reach the latest page
from there via the dropdown menu, or clicking “Last” at the
navigation bar.

You can no longer click the page to go to the next page. I had
to sacrifice that feature in order to automatize the site
posts properly. You can still use your keyboard arrow keys to
go back and forth, though.

I hope this automatization will save me a significant amount of time
which I’ll spend drawing in order to bring you more lady bits 😀
Thank you for your comprehension!