Written by Otaku Apologist. This game is available at Nutaku.net. Read full review at Hentaireviews.moe

Cunt Wars is an online collectible card game with extremely fast-paced matches.

You build a deck of 10 creature cards. You summon one monster girl each turn to attack your opponent. He can summon a minion to murder your minion, or place the minion on another lane to counter-attack your face. You have a hand of 4 cards, and you draw one new card each turn. The game board has 4 lanes for attack.

If you’re familiar with Magic: The Gathering or Hearthstone, you’ll pick up the basics quickly. This game simplifies every design aspect to the point that it’s easy to pick up but hard to master. The goal is to hit the enemy player’s health points to zero before they kill you.

After you summon a minion, your minions charge the enemy’s side of the screen in crazed bloodlust. Then, it’s his turn to do the same.

Each creature has unique stats and abilities that make them better fit different strategies. The game’s visuals draw inspiration from medieval fantasy with extra focus on the eroticism; The girls strip naked when you level them up. You can collect hundreds of girls with the fattest jugs and undress them, like your own harem of sluts.

With multiple game modes, weekly events, and PvE daily quests, you are constantly gaining new pornographic cards.

Summon ferocious beasts, demonic succubi, dragons, warriors, and archers to do your bidding on the battlefield. Play on randomized game boards with power-ups and obstacles that force players to adapt their strategies. Build your deck around bullshit combos that make your opponents want to punch their screens.

Watch the clickbait trailer.

I’ve been playing Cunt Wars since last Summer. I’ve reached league 10 at highest, edging my way up every few months. Because everyone in my league is rocking crazy legendaries I can’t always directly counter, my strategy is to use minions that freeze a whole lane of enemies while I rush face. Of all the games I’ve written about for Sinnercomics over the years, this bitch is my favorite.

The game balance design is worth commending. Highly upgraded commons and rares can be more powerful than the most coveted legendary cards. It creates tons of variety into the meta. You never know what crazy strategy you’re up against.

Available in your internet browser or Android phone.