Written by Otaku Apologist. This writeup is a paid promotion for a free game playable at Nutaku.net.

This cute and casual dating sim, was made by Sad Panda Studios. Crush Crush: Moist and Uncensored is free to play in your internet browser. It works great for busy students and working people wanting an easy, non-involved game experience.

As a dating sim, Crush Crush is unique. You can play for a few minutes a day, and let the love, gold and promotions roll in. The game saves your progress while you’re offline. How does it work? Let’s look at colorful pictures.

V for victory… I have been playing Crush Crush since launch in 2016. When I started, I could only choose a handful of hobbies and jobs. Above is a picture of my hobbies: When I want, I can allocate all my time blocks into hobbies, and still have enough left for jobs. You click a hobby, and the timer starts moving towards another level up. The higher levels take days to gain.

Let’s look at the jobs.

You start with one job: fast food. When your hobbies level up, you unlock better paying jobs. You can become a professional gambler, an athelete, a lawyer, and worse. Like Friedrich Nietzsche’s uberman, you are a superior entity who can work tens of jobs, at the same time. As your power grows, you can make millions in the blink of an eye.

You have limited time blocks at start. As you progress, you unlock more. And also, when you get promoted in a job, the time block cost for the job often goes down. You get faster, stronger, beyond the limited comprehension of mortal men.

Jobs net you gold, and with gold you can buy dates and bribe your dates.

You increase the affection level of the girls by clicking them. You spam click their faces until your wrist is sore. This tedious mechanic gets less straining as your hobbies gain levels: your clicks net more affection points the stronger your hobbies. Eventually you just press “firt” and make 100 million affections points per click.

The game has a special mechanic that makes it super addicting: you can reset your progress at any time. You start over, losing all your job promotions, your hobby levels, and your affection with the girls. What you gain is a speed boost! You can catch up to your old progress with twice the speed and get even further. The speed boost is permament, and you can repeat it again, and again. You cannot run out of shit to do in this game.

No downloads required! If you like a casual dating sim, start playing Crush Crush.