So you wanna have some fun with commissions? If you want something polished and better treated than the usual patreon pinups, read below.

Follow the rules below strictly and you shall have it done!

I know it’s quite a long text, but it’s your money AND ideas we’re talking about! You should be well informed first, right?

Here’s all you need to know. Commissions that don’t follow the rules below strictly will be ignored.


1) Only characters (no background). I’m not interested in full-scene commissions at the moment, so please don’t insist in a background. (relevant objects like sex toys or machines are ok)

2) Maximum of 3 characters in the scene (extra floating dicks and toys are ok)

3) I don’t draw outside my own style, so anime / video-game / 3D animation (Disney, Pixar, Dreamworks) characters work best.

4) I don’t photocopy faces. I merely translate people’s hair-style, body type and colors to my style. If you want yourself in the scene, be aware of that.

5) I also don´t sketch before the payment is confirmed. Sketches aren´t done in 5 minutes as many think. If I sketched every single e-mail order I receive, I’d have no time at all and would be starving lol

6) You are only allowed to review the sketch once before I finish the artwork. I can’t change sketches after I started the rendering process with cleaned linework.

7) This is a digital work. You will receive both the lineart and finished artwork in full resolution (usually 7000px or more). I can’t ship printed versions of it.


I only accept Bitcoin for this. If you have no idea of what that is or how it works, this is a good opportunity to learn about it. Google is your friend 😀

Price per character = ~0.04 BTC (this price is subject to change depending on exchange rate at the time of your contact)

Payment 100% upfront.

If you don’t agree with the terms above, please do not e-mail me questioning me about it.


With that cleared, send me an e-mail (check below) with the subject “COMMISSION” with the details of your scene and reference images. Please leave camera angle, composition and more detailed posing decisions to me.

Once I reply back telling you when the slot is scheduled for, we can proceed to payment (which is done upfront) where I’ll send you a bitcoin address for deposit. After the payment is confirmed, I’ll send your sketch for reviewing when the time for your slot comes. With the sketch being ok, I finish and send the final image. =3

[email protected]