Holy shit!! This was a crazy first year, wasn’t it?
Let’s count:
156 comic pages

Being it 5 short comics and 9 full comics!

All that in a bit less than year? I almost wouldn’t believe it if it wasn’t for the amount of
hard work it took. Kas and Rog also helped me wonders!

And guess what? SharkRobot made me a special discount code
so you sinners can get some of my christian prints 10% cheaper. Just type in SINFULAPRIL
during checkout. How about that?

Thank you all so fucking much for this super dope year, and thanks specially
to all the amazing people at Patreon , print buyers and donors, who make this
all possible for everyone to see and have fun with! This site would never
exist without these guys! <3

May the following year be full of lewds!!

Stay horny!