First I’d like to thank everyone that laid down good and respectful feedback. I’m always listening in order to keep my comics fresh and interesting both for you and me.


Well so it turns out that, as I already felt for quite some time, my comics are becoming predictable in a very “porn sense”, which means that I think the time to start focusing a bit less in the porn itself and more on plot development has arrived. You’ll probably notice that in the next project coming after the Teen Titans comic (Elsa’s Dungeon – FINAL PART).


From my perspective, being sure of this is great because I expected to reach this exhaustion a bit further into the game, when I could finally start investing my time in more original projects (and believe me, I have some stuff I’m dying to put in the oven).


People really are coming here daily, and not simply to jerk off but to find out what happens next page, and the way things are being done, I’ll end up underwhelming these people (and myself, since I want these comics to be more than just plain porn).


I’ve had enough porn-for-porn’s-sake content done and people are finally demanding denser plots and characters (and more experimental porn aspects).


Thank you all for making this site possible and helping me reach this “milestone”. I’ll definitely work on my scripts and storytelling.


Stay tuned and keep giving feedback! This is vital to me o/