————— JANUARY 9TH 2017 – “Das Onahole Education ep. 03”

Hey, masturbator! Otaku Apologist here, bringing you another onahole lesson.

I have had great fun, but also bad experiences with adult toys. That’s why in Christmas 2016, I started a web store to help first-time buyers of male sex toys easily find safe products. My store is called HENTAI-ONAHOLE.MOE.

With sextoys, safety is your top priority.

Your genitals are very sensitive. You want to choose premium toy and lube brands, to avoid surprises. When you do things by the book, you avoid trouble. My first sextoy was a cheap pirate hug pillow from a Chinese store. The pillow gave me a burning rash.

When you explore, you run into disappointments. I endured many. That is why I designed my store so that people couldn’t be disappointed.

My penis took a month to recover from the hug pillow. Since that horrid experience, safety and convenience of sextoys, has been important to me. My store thus features only toys from the best brands, toys that are easiest to use, and easiest to clean.

Every toy at Hentai-onahole.moe is scored on material quality, feeling, package, and cleaning, to reflect what’s good and bad about them. The store features recommended products I use, and have reviewed myself. Every product has been tested.

Hentai-onahole.moe makes the exploration of sextoys safe for you.