————— DECEMBER 16TH – “Das Onahole Education”

Konnichiwa. I am Otaku Apologist, Sinner’s cock rider & associate!


I announce to you, the gospel of the most mind-blowing adult toy! Read this advert to finish, and buy it, plz.

“Onanie” is Japanese for touching your genitals. “Hole” is English for on-demand pussy. You simply lube it, marinate your dick, and plunge inside the soft, tight slit. The material is quality anti-bacterial rubber, that feels like skin. Inside, she has ribs and bumps that accurately simulate a real woman’s vagina.

There are many onaholes, some modelled after Japanese porn stars, popular anime characters, some are forbidden fantasies. I recommend the hole I’m riding, the Gichi Gichi Tight Virgin Onahole. She’s a hella tight loli pussy. Her special gimmick, is a hymen that regenerates; experience deflowering a sweet virginal vagina again and again. I’m a pro sextoy reviewer, and I chose to advertise this specific hole, because it’s my favorite.

The best lube for holes is ToysHeart’s Onatsuyu Female Nectar Lotion; it stays fluid the longest.

The lifespan of onaholes is guaranteed at 50 uses, assuming you fuck them like an enraged monkey. In normal use, holes survive for years.

Cleaning your onahole is simple: put it under warm running water. Let the water pour out, finger the moist out. Use a micro-fiber glove if you have one. Store it somewhere in normal room temperature with ventilation. A locked drawer will do just fine.

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