Written by Otaku Apologist. This game is available at Nutaku.net. Sinnercomics is sponsored by Hentaireviews.moe.

You are a ghetto businessman. Pick up bitches in the hood, and poach them into porn. You pose as a model agent, a taxi driver, a film director, you will say and do anything, to get these women to immortalize their cunts in XXX films. With a few lies, booze, and some flowers, you persuade them into your hustle.

Getting these women naked doesn’t take much effort. They are so strong and independent, they express their sexual agency at the drop of a hat.

Fake Lay rips off its mechanics from Crush Crush, a popular dating sim we’ve promoted on Sinnercomics since 2016. Literally, every single idea in this amoral game is stolen. But then again, Crush Crush was a collection of stolen ideas too. Crime pays off, right?

The gameplay is a combination of a clicker game, and dating sim.  You slap the girls with your mouse, to score affection points. An energy bar represents hours of your day. Choose which businesses are active, and which skills you want to improve upon. Every skill takes five energy, while the energy cost of businesses varies. No active interaction is needed to gain resources, save for the affection points.

The art of Fake Lay, looks like a horse dipped its hooves in a gay man’s ass, and drew tits with the drivels of shit. The women look sick, like they’ve acquired every manner of bodily malformity from playing Pokémon with STDs.

The game automatically saves your progress 247. Accumulate swag while you’re offline!

In a way, you’re a charity worker. You provide job opportunities for jobless ghetto sluts. Their empty hedonistic life culminates in starring in your tastefully erotic productions. You sell these fine art projects at gas stations, kiosks, and other luxurious establishments for gentlemen of fine tastes. For each girl, you also unlock a futuristic sex scene featuring a floating cock.

What’s the goal of Fake Lay? The same as the meaning of life: Bitches and money.

Fake Lay is another free browser game on Nutaku, that looks like shit, and is only fun because your reptilian brain doesn’t care how it gets its dopamine fix. Dopamine is the main brain chemical associated with pleasure, that’s designed to reward you for productive behavior. You get more dope from socializing with other human beings, than playing an autistic porn game in your dark room in harrowing loneliness.

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